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Crittall Steel Vs Aluminium ‘Lookalike’

When choosing a replacement window it is vitally important you research the finer details to ensure you protect your investment.

Over the last few years more and more companies are offering Crittall lookalikes made from aluminium. Quite often these windows and doors are supplied to ‘trade’ so what does this mean? This means that a ‘man in a van’ with little or no experience in the steel window industry could be working on your house. Unfortunately we have heard horror stories of poor advice and even worse installations.

Lightfoot Windows (Kent) Ltd are experts in Crittall steel window and door replacement, we have installed thousands of jobs over the years as our gallery shows. Our attention to detail is second to none and we fully guarantee our work.

Aluminium window lookalikes are often marketed as a ‘fraction of the cost’ of steel. Over the years we have found that the cost of aluminium is usually only 5% less than steel, however when the same build quality is specified such as welded corners aluminium is often more expensive than steel.

Comparison of Steel Vs Aluminium


Steel is 3 times stronger than aluminium, therefore slimmer sections can be used and larger windows and doors are available in steel, great if you want a steel door screen. Steel also has that desired ‘hammered’ look to its substrate whereas aluminium has a modern ‘smooth’ plastic like finish that just doesn’t look or feel quite right!

Build quality

When aluminium windows are cut and joined the corners are crimped, not welded (welds are available at a high cost premium), this leaves an unsightly 45° join line on each frame corner both internally and externally. Transom and mullion joints also have the unsightly join line.

All Crittall steel windows and doors come with welded corners, transom and mullion joints as standard.

Other welder components on steel windows and doors are: -
Peg stay clips, and all hinges. All hinges on steel windows and doors are working hinges not imitation hinges like the ones on aluminium.


Steel windows and doors come with a large range of quality traditional furniture.
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Comparison of Steel Vs Aluminium

Comparison at a glance…

Original CrittallNew CrittallNew Aluminium
Part L compliant
Double Glazed
Welded Hinges
Welded Corners
Welded Joints
Slim frame
Traditional fittings
Imitation hinges
Hammered finish
Factory painted
60 year plus life cycle
Original look
100% Recycled
Dual colour
✓ standard
✗ no
extra cost

As you can see from above the only thing a new Crittall steel window does not have is an imitation hinge!

Replacing windows is something that you only want to do once in a lifetime, Crittall steel windows make this possible. Make sure you choose Lightfoot Windows (Kent) Ltd to supply & install your new Crittall steel windows and doors.
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