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    For over 165 years Crittall Windows Ltd has been leading the world in steel window manufacture. There are many reasons that attribute to the success of Crittall, such as the premium quality of materials and also the ability to manufacture standardised window specifications as early as the turn of the last century. All this criteria allows today’s architects to specify with confidence one or more of the four following designs to provide beautiful light infused homes.

    - Leaded lights
    - Horizonal bar
    - Georgian Small pane
    - No bar

    Traditional lead lights were small pieces of glass held together in lead H-sections (‘cames’) in differentiating patterns. Lightfoot Windows expertise and knowledge can match any layout and design of an existing window, ensuring that any soldered joint and blackened lead detail complete the illusion that your windows are original and have not been changed for energy efficient Crittall steel replacements.


    Traditional Leads

    The Horizontal bar window personifies the architectural style of the Art Deco & Modernist period of the 1920’s & 30’s. The slim, minimalist and elegant lines that make this style so iconic is still maintained in the current double glazed Crittall version, yet still meeting the demanding compliance levels of today’s current building regulations.


    Horizonatal Bar

    Georgian Small pane also known as ‘Cottage Pane’ were the first mass produced window by Crittall Windows Ltd, adding a distinctive English charm to thousands of homes around the world. The layout of the cosmetic bar to new double glazed units can be complimented with a matching internal lap-over trademark Fenstra joint, so that no traditional detail is missed on new high performance replacements.


    Small Pane

    No bar frames are often used in conjunction with other glazing styles and are suited to a number of various architectural designs. These frames allow maximum daylight exposure whilst still encompassing the thermal qualities of double glazing.


    No Bar

    All above styles are available as single glazed windows when required for Conservation or Listed buildings. All frames can be (epoxy-free) polyester powder coated to British and European standards.

    All steel windows are proudly manufactured to traditional methods, solely in the United Kingdom.

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