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Why Steel

HP1Minimum Sightlines

Hot rolled Crittall steel windows, doors and entrances offer the narrowest possible sightlines, without compromising performance.

Elegance & Versatility

The graceful elegance of steel is unmatched. Steel windows and doors preserve the look of traditional buildings and enhance the appearance of the most modern designs.

Strength & Security

Steel is three times stronger than aluminum and many times stronger than wood. This permits the use of large expanses of glass with minimal sightlines. The strength of steel also provides added security


Unsurpassed Life Cycle & Minimum Maintenance

Even before the advent of modern, high performance coatings, steel windows built in the 1920’s and 1930’s lasted 50+ years — an impressive life far greater than that of wood or aluminum. Today, with Crittall’s dual coating of hot-dip galvanizing and high performance powder coating, no other window material comes close to steel for life cycle and minimum maintenance. And steel is 100% recyclable.


The narrow profile of Crittall steel windows and doors combined with numerous glazing options means thermal performance that can meet or exceed most project requirements. Crittall thermal performance is comparable with thermally broken aluminum windows and is vastly superior to non-thermally broken aluminum windows.



All windows and doors are hot dipped galvanized to BS EN 1461:1999. Ensuring the finished products are completely protected against corrosion.

Other steel window suppliers/manufacturers use the term 'galvanizing' leading you to assume that they are hot dipped. In fact many offer electroplate galvanizing which is a fraction of the thickness of hot dipped, and inappropriate protection for exterior use.

If it isn't hot dipped galvanizing, then it isn't sufficient for steel windows and doors.

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Crittall uses only the highest quality environmentally friendly epoxy-free polyester powder coating. The Duralife coating is applied at Crittall’s in-house finishing plant, providing a high quality, consistent and durable finish. Interpon D powder coatings are specifically formulated for architectural window and door applications providing an extremely tough, durable finish. When combined with Crittall’s hot dip galvanized substrate it provides superior corrosion resistance. Architects demanding premium materials and maximum performance specify this combination.



Crittall offers many quality hardware choices in a variety of styles and finishes for both commercial and residential applications.

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